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hi, so i dont really know how u ended here either you know me irl or you somehow found this,so this is basically some kind of shitty blog where i just talk and rant about music that crossed me in many ways and i try to explain how do they impact me on who i am today (fuckin nerd) . I know i know, you may be thinking this might the corniest and silliest biased reviews you will be reading in a while, or just wondering why do i even do this, i dont blame u i dont know either. lmk if u liked this or not i wont care much anyways, maybe i can even make u hear this shit if ur interested at all lol

bôa – Twilight (2001)

alternative rock/british indie

i cant even describe how much i love this album, its like weird cuz im usually not really into this english rock/folk sound but its so hard to put in just words how they made such an album with just full and full of bangers. So everyone who heard this band mostly just heard duvet from either lain or tiktok (im one of them who found it by lain if you say didnt know them from it youre lying there is no way to know them outside from lain unless u are from the uk and happened to hear them at the time lol) but ppl dont realise how much are they missing out on the rest of the album cause this band its really way more than just the band from the opening of lain. its criminal how songs like rain and twilight didnt get much recognision as the single did, its so perfect how in this songs all the elements work and blend so much like the instrumentals, the classic violins, and jasmine with her so soothing voice and yes trust me she`s that good. def if i had to pick a song that really stood up to me im between rain and elephant, lyrics were just so impactful to me so yall can already tell why i chose em. if i had to point out something about the album its that kinda falls off after the seventh song , it kinda becomes a bit boring if u are not in the mood, mostly songs that they are still perfectly estructured to be in the album but they dont really stand out as much the first ones ( except little miss, god what a fuckin riff). lastly everytime i hear this album, i imagine myself out there in the big city lost who fuckin knows where, but with a feeling that even though im lost things are not so bad after all and im enjoying being lost at the moment.

chat pile – God's Country (2022)

post punk/slugde metal

imma be honest the first time i heard this i didnt fuck with it, the second listen after some time its been out, i fuckin loved it. its raw as fuck but it doesnt sound bad, somehow this band acomplish to sound simple but at the same time it crushes with either simple riffs that end up stuck in ur head or the literal direct lyrics that every song has specially "why" that its just literally the vocalist complaining why ppl live outside. its a really depressing album in terms of how it sounds, guitar with low tunings and the use of reberb and chorus effects made the songs way more sadder than it should be and it keeps getting more and more depressing song after song. there some songs that kinda have a different sound to the others like pamela or anywhere but if i have to choose one song to represent the whole record would be tropical beaches inc, idk has it all but kinda summed up in just one song. last song its just about one dude thinking of suicide and getting high while allucinating with this goofy ass mcdonalds character grimace and its a really nice closure, i love when in albums like this the end its just a fuckin mess with literally destroying the record in a good way, it really threw me off when i heard it at first and in my opinion if u are not so stable mentally, this song will kinda move ur brain a bit.

Panchiko – D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L (2000)

dream pop/shoegaze(kinda)/indie

i hate myself so much after not giving it a chance the first time i heard this, maybe cause i wasnt too much into this type of sound until now or maybe cause i didnt know the fucking beautiful story behind this record. yall probably do not wanna read this or u already know it but fuck it will tell the story anyways. so basically this record like 10 years ago was a literal lost media no one knew who made this or where did it come from, it randomly appeared after some guy bought a cd of the recording in a random shop in the uk. so this guy didnt have a better idea to actually look around in random boards on the web ((((( /mu/ )))) if anyone had ever listened to it or knew anything about it, and it turns no one knew lol, then this started a whole cult of followers of this random ass album and started intensely looking for the band and try to get a clean copy of the album ( this cd that the first guy bought was so old that when he trasferred the songs it had this annoying static that supposedly the cd had and it was the only version availabe of the record at the time). so long story short , they finally contact the members of the band, and they were all retired from music like they didnt even see each other in a while but they were fuckin surprised to see that an album they made 20 years ago as just playing around got so massive in the web. and now u tell me if that isnt a fuckin amazing background to have. anyways about the album its divided in two parts after it got remastered of course so it has u know the songs without the noisy static and then the original songs with the static on if u like noisy shit. gotta say this is more radiohead than even radiohead, so if u are a fan of em u prob ill love this one too. Its kinda of a short album if u skip the "R>O>T" part with only seven songs in total. personal favorites are stabilisers for big boys (the transistion between the verse and the chours is genius) and the eyes of ibad (lallala-alalalla-allaal). the whole record has this indie kinda shoegazy sound but with the use of some samples and synths too specially on the first track.

Suicide Silence - (EP) (2005)

heavy metal/deathcore/early my space shit

i shouldnt start with such a heavy ass ep like this one but i feel if u dont do it right, why even bother doing it then?. this damn ep resumes my madness and hatred i have inside (lmaaaoooo i really wanted to say an edgy phrase like that pls dont judge me) its really damn short but its so so so so so so intense and heavy and frenetic and so edgy that if u dont like this type of shit, its gonna be the longest 16 mins of ur damn life lol. everyhting in this ep its perfect i cant find anything bad about it or even critize it, the guitars are on fuckin point the riffs are so damn catchy, heavy breakdowns , mitch ( vocalist ) literally yelling and tellin ya hows life on a plane crash ahshashd, oh and dont get me started on the snare fuckin sake it soooooooo damnnn good like its annoying at first but then u understand why is it there how mixs up perfectly with the other shit going around, it really makes sense how after this they inmediately blow up in the scene. i cant really choose a fav track all tracks are superb but if i have to go with at least one, gotta be the one with the family guy sample. i know i really sound like sucking the hell out of this band but this one it really meant something to me in some hard times i had and it still does.

American Football – American Football (1999)

midwest emo/math rock

oh yes u knew this one was coming, one of most favorite 4chan records, only made for nerds who like long instrumental interludes that end very slowly or abruptly. this is the peak of the so called "midwest emo" genre, im not so sure if it was the one who started it all but def the most famous one by far. there is a chance that everyone even though they might not know the band has heard the intro of never meant and if u didnt get some more internet culture please. so despite this album being actually chill and relaxed in some parts i found it boring, i mean its really well made the instrumental songs with weird time signatures but after the 4th song it does get a bit repetitive, though i gotta say the guitar tone is on point like its really well achieved. the songs that kinda got more feeling into me besides never meant, were honestly and stay home buuuuut the problem with these two is that there really damn long, like 8 mins its way to much omg. there one detail that kinda stood up for me was the use of a trumpet (???) in some of the songs and i gotta say it works, i think it sounds fine and it doesnt feel like its just there to fill the song. i think its pretty clear the message this album wants to trasmit , the end of a teenage summer, the rage and upsets u had during that time. the learning and the process of letting the things or the ppl that u love just go away from ur life, the expectation of whats next, the memories that u had in a specific moment or place will stay forever with u , yk things like that. its a pretty and kinda depressing concept if u actually stop and think about it in ur perspective like how this would be seen in your life.

Hum – You'd Prefer An Astronaut (1995)

alternative rock/shoegaze

im going to gatekeep this band so hard from the deftones tiktok fans lol. but fr deftones really took a bit too much inspiration on this guys music. yk ive been hearing their singles but i never actually stopped and listen to this record once so here i am.i gotta say i really expected more haha, like its not bad at all at least 5 of the 9 songs of it are certified classics fr, but there were some songs like the very old man or suicide machine that compared to the other songs they sound way more monotonous and it sucks cuz their abilty to make catchy songs its so damn good but like i said i didnt connect at all with these songs. hum is just one of those bands that could sound heavier with their rawness in their sound but they choose to be more mellow and be more down the line yk. the start of the album is perfect, banger after banger the pod and stars are two of the greateast songs ever, and gotta say little dipper riff sounds suspiciously similar to knife party`s riff by THE deftones (im lookin at u stephen),then it kinda falls off after it gets to i`d like your hair long that its a pretty solid song which btw at the end of this song there is like a weird switch off vibe completely but its sounded good enough so thats what really matters. def the best song is i hate it too such a nice and catchy riff the lyrics confusing but kinda relatable.

Sweet Trip – Velocity : Design : Comfort (2003)

glitch pop/IDM/shoegaze

something i cant get my head around is how this was made in 2003, like it during the whole record it sounds like it was made yesterday.i wont comment much on what happenend with the band cause i dont really know what actually happened and i dont wanna read a whole reddit thread about it lol. the first and probably only issue i have with the album is waaaaaaaay too long like dont get me wrong i enjoyed it all the way but its just dont like when its not like justified the length of the song, international its great and emotional but the interludes are so damn looooong i swear i forgor (💀) the song was playing when i was doing some other while listening to the album.anyways dsco chocolate matter and a part of to all the dancers of the world are really great songs that makes this album kinda enter into the shoegaze category while mixing so well with the synths and electronics behind. def the underrated track here is pro:lov:ad, valerie voice its soooo hypontizing on this one like howww does she make it so easy to be stuck in ur mind. i think the best way this record can be described as said by someone, its a digital rainbow full unexpected either rock or electronics songs ( or even both!!!) thats makes u feel this weird but nostalgic feeling even though it may be your first time hearing it.

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