Sweet Trip – Velocity : Design : Comfort (2003)

glitch pop/IDM/shoegaze

something i cant get my head around is how this was made in 2003, like it during the whole record it sounds like it was made yesterday.i wont comment much on what happenend with the band cause i dont really know what actually happened and i dont wanna read a whole reddit thread about it lol. the first and probably only issue i have with the album is waaaaaaaay too long like dont get me wrong i enjoyed it all the way but its just dont like when its not like justified the length of the song, international its great and emotional but the interludes are so damn looooong i swear i forgor (💀) the song was playing when i was doing some other while listening to the album.anyways dsco chocolate matter and a part of to all the dancers of the world are really great songs that makes this album kinda enter into the shoegaze category while mixing so well with the synths and electronics behind. def the underrated track here is pro:lov:ad, valerie´s voice its soooo hypontizing on this one like howww does she make it so easy to be stuck in ur mind. i think the best way this record can be described as said by someone, its a digital rainbow full unexpected either rock or electronics songs ( or even both!!!) thats makes u feel this weird but nostalgic feeling even though it may be your first time hearing it

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Calculating Infinity (1999)

mathcore/hardcore/metalcore (??)

this one of the most chaotic albums ive ever heard and i listened to lots random shit. i think after this debut they really defined the mathcore sound and their owns too(at least for a while lol). its really amazing how they keep the pace even though at some points they take very short breaks after hearing them play at the most unconvinient time signature possible . if you are those people that usually when they get into a band start on the first record, honestly if u are not used to hear this type sound u wont last much lol on them its definitely not their most accesible record by far. i swear this song " 43% burnt " its so unexpected like its starts with a chuggy riff and then its straight goes nuts until a sudden break of weird jazz solo lmaoo to then go nuts again until song´s over. one thing that they really really nail its the interludes man, they are so well made and good placed (specially on a record like this lol) surely the best interlude its the last one " weekend sex change " its sounds like it came from a horror movie the samples and instrumentals are superb, though i really hate this chord its so fucking hard to play it makes ur fuckin fingers beg u to snap them off cause how painful this chord is.

Ryusenkei (流線形) – Tokyo Sniper (2006)

city pop/j-pop/jazz pop

woooow this sure sounds like the persona 5 soundtrack 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓(jk).first of all, usually i dont hear this type of mellow up beat music that is supposed to make u happy, dont ask me why but i felt really sad hearing this, i mean dont get me wrong its awesome record it sounds great but for some reason i was really sad while hearing it lol. anyways, this album its the perfect blend between really good japanese jazz fusion instrumentals and classic city pop vocals which it forms "neo city pop" (idk if its really a thing lol i just read some guy say that and i thought it made sense haha). the first track "timemachine love" (タイムマシーン・ラヴ) its actually the fastest one in the whole record, the others ones of course they follow the same style but its more groovy and chill. aannd talking about groovy the basslines in this album are really great, it kinda makes want to have a bass just to play the starting riff on "spring rain" (スプリング・レイン) .i really like how big is the variety on how many differents sounds are in the whole album like there lots of differents synths and string instruments going around. one of my favorites songs was actually "TOKYO SNIPER" the way they both singers sang together it worked perfectly on how they take different sections of the song. its a really great album to vibe and just think that youre in the streets of downtown tokyo just walking and enjoying the city.

The Red Chord – Fused Together In Revolving Doors (2002)

early deathcore/deathgrind/mathcore

this is it.this is the record that started or at least made a really big influence on the deathcore scene. its one of the first albums i heard this year and kinda regret not doing it before. for a deathgrind record its actually pretty consistent some songs like "nihilist " "catalepsy or "like a train through a pidgeon" are full of chuggin riffs and really fast ones too. the full album has lots and lots of death metal and grindcore influences ( and also deathcore but it kinda wasnt really a thing back then) but i felt in certain parts of some songs they tried to extend and go a bit further than just chaos and madness yk, like hear me out, they kinda wanted to do some post hardcore as well, you kinda see it in songs like the interlude of "he was stretching and then he climbed up there", it sounds like it or the little melodic section of "l formation" that sounds like a metallica ballad and the most obvious one the last song "sixteen bit finger print" (personal favorite btw) with that unexpected riff at the middle of the song leading to that strange noise ending.i really think if u are into this deathcore shit this is a must, it gets stuck way to quickly and its stays there on ur little tiny brain